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Software as a service (SaaS) is a trend that is growing at an incredible rate, thanks to the accessibility and versatility of the software solutions coupled with online data analysis tools. Software as a service (SaaS) allows organizations to use such tools, without the need of running applications on their computer systems and data centres. Furthermore, SaaS is praised by many organizations for its simplicity, security and the widespread connectivity.

Headhunting is the process of finding and recruiting individuals to fill senior positions in organisations. A head-hunter tends to be employed when an organisation has a hard-to-fill vacancy at a high level, or they believe that their ideal candidate currently has the job at a different organisation. Candidates have been noted to like being headhunted, as it provides new job and career opportunities without the search. But, how can you demonstrate that you are open to being head-hunted for a job role within the SaaS industry? 

Our recruiter’s advice

Rushabh Shah, Vice President of Jarvis Elliott, shares his top tips… 

“The key to getting headhunted in the SaaS space lies within specialization, continuous learning, community involvement, and skills listed on your LinkedIn page. Many of the SaaS companies aim to solve a complex business problem and therefore the type of product makes a calculated difference when you are potentially being approached.  

Most companies that are hiring for SaaS professionals are looking for individuals who are collaborative, agile and possess a strong track record in a reputable firm.  Outlining your skills in as much detail as possible as well as keeping your job titles simple will highlight your profile in a better light. Regarding community involvement, make sure to join SaaS professional groups that you take interest in and engage within the community by posting/liking/commenting.  

Lastly, it’s important to advertise each of your skills on LinkedIn. A candidate is more likely to be headhunted for a specific role when the exact skills required for the position are listed on their profile.” 

Last note…

Here at Jarvis Elliott, we specialise in headhunting for all positions within the SaaS industry. However, we also recruit regularly for a variety of SaaS roles for many companies.  

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