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Looking for a job but finding it tough to crack that sales interview? Can convince a client but finding it hard to convince the Hiring Manager? Don’t worry, here are some tips that will help you get through:

In a sales job, the first thing a hiring manager would look for is to see how good your sales talent is. This means you need be a really good at convincing and should be able to think-on-your-feet. To do these, you require confidence – loads of it. But this does not mean attitude or arrogance. If you come across as somebody arrogant, you might not get selected for the job, even if you are the right fit in all other ways. One good way of doing this by being open to feedback and trying to incorporate it on the spot.

Ask questions, no matter how silly you think they are. Understand that just the way the hiring manager asks questions to understand you, you need to do that to understand the company and your job. It also creates this impression that you are enthusiastic and keen, which is an important skill set in a salesperson.

Motivation is another trait that hiring managers will look for in you. This is very important in all the sales roles because this involves not getting bogged down by failures and rejections. Think of instances that you can share to help the hiring manager understand how you stay motivated and do not give up easily.

You need to be passionate to be able to sell. You need to be passionate about selling, about reaching that target, and about not stopping.  This is another trait that a hiring manager would look for in candidates for a sales role. When you talk about yourself, your role, or why you love sales, be passionate. Make the hiring manager get a glimpse of your love for sales.

Remember, interview if your only window of opportunity to showcase your skill and convince the hiring manager. You might not get another chance, so give it your 110%.