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During 2020, the SaaS industry continued to saw at an incredible rate. This was particularly due to Covid-19 triggering a newfound focus on contactless, cost-saving methods to deliver results and a substantial ROI. 

SaaS providers are therefore now witnessing enterprises’ pressing need to digitize and find effective ways to meet the same expectations amidst a disrupted COVID-19 workplace. 

What has this led to? 

To some degree, the implications of this are that some organizations are moving towards products that replace some human elements (made impossible with the current pandemic) with more automation. The aim of this is to minizine the impact the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the business. 

Central Themes: Growth and Savings 

At the start of 2020, many predicted continued strong economic growth, with additional investments in technology. However, following the reality of 2020, 2021 is predicted to be a year of economic recovery. This includes both recovery of profits and the recovery of the technology advancements that were needed for organizations to operation in a different manner.  

Therefore, we predict that two core trends in 2021 will be: growth and saving. The SaaS market will respond to this accordingly…  


The SaaS market is continuing to increase, as it did in 2020. This growth is tied to the nature of SaaS development: the generation of comparable solutions that help automate processes and allow people with decreased mobility to continue to produce results needed for the organisation.  

In turn, SaaS solutions can protect staff from COVID-19 exposure by not needing their physical presence, creating a barrier that you cannot obtain with a more service-based approach. SaaS solutions can also be used 27/4, can make a process quicker and easier, all of which are reasons to why we believe in these times we will continue to see a huge increase in the SaaS market. 


Automation lends itself well to productivity in many environments. We therefore believe we will see a lot of SaaS innovation in 2021 that delivers automation to the purchaser that can be used to save time and resources. 

Organizations will now be assessing methods to streamline processes, with savings in mind, now more than ever.  

However, the savings will not just be in money, but time as well. The removal of additional steps in the decision-making process can make a huge difference when a company is trying to create a more streamlined response. We believe this will be a trend for 2021 and years to come. 

The Future Role of SaaS 

In general, SaaS-driven companies have not been as negatively impacted by Covid-19 as their counterparts. From the sale to the development, SaaS companies haven’t seen a big shift in how they operate. This is because of how SaaS companies are fundamentally constructed and delivered (minimal human face to face contact).  

What has changed is the demand for this model, as the demand for this kind of technology soars.  

Therefore, the outlook for SaaS remains positive in light of the pandemic. Businesses are continuing to search for solutions that enable them to save resources money and limit the implications of the pandemic, with many businesses posting losses for the first time. 

SaaS services allow for the digitization of processes, which is currently the future of the working world. Therefore, the future for SaaS developers and providers is looking bright. 

Last note… 

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