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Recruiters are meant to make hiring within a business easy; they are meant to place fantastic candidates in roles they can thrive in, producing both happy clients and candidates. However, the majority of hiring companies go from one recruitment agency to another, unable to understand why they demonstrate an inability to provide effective staffing solutions.

The reason for this may lie with the problems created by recruiters typically being paid based on how many people they place. This generates a system where recruiters benefit at the expense of their clients. A recruiter gains a fee, and so a win, for placing any candidate in a job. Whereas, the client most likely gains a member of staff who is not the right fit for the job. In turn, this generates a huge a loss for the candidate and the client.  

Below is a discussion of the issues which traditional recruiters can present to the client and how using a Talent Partner for recruitment instead can counter these issues.  

Poor quality candidates:

Traditional SaaS recruiters are put under pressure by their firms to place as many candidates as possible. In turn, unsuitable candidates are usually placed with the client. This not only affects the client’s return on investment, but also can reflect poorly on their staff satisfaction.  

At Jarvis Elliott, we pride ourselves in wanting to maintain long-term relationships and understanding your business. Therefore, we only find SaaS candidates which match both the job requirements and the culture. To do this, we investigate all aspects of the candidate’s resume and their personality by speaking in depth with the candidate.  

They offer short inflexible guarantee periods:

Traditional SaaS recruiters are notoriously known for being short-sighted. They are concerned with delivering results immediately to gain their fee. This leads to a low success rate of placing the right candidate for a roll. Furthermore, they offer no support for when the either the candidate or the client realise, that they are not the right fit for each other. This along with the lost costs to recruit and cater for the new starter leaves the business in a vulnerable position. The client may also be left to feel frustrated.  

As a talent partner, we understand that despite our best efforts, sometimes the candidate placed in the job may not be right for you. Or, that the job may not be right for the candidate. We offer a flexible long-term guarantee to ensure the job is filled by the best candidate for it, whether that is before or after the standard short-term policy.  

Lack of transparency through the recruitment process:

The traditional recruiting process works by the recruiter formulating the job specification and then finding the candidates. You receive no updates within the process, or even know how the candidates are interviewed. This may lead to candidates being found in areas you would not ordinarily explore, potentially leading to candidates who are not suitable for the organisation. 

At Jarvis Elliott, we see you as a partner in the process. You will be updated regularly and will have the knowledge to understand the process we are undertaking to find your ideal SaaS candidate. This will include updates of where we are advertising, how we are producing our long list of candidates to explore, when we have produced our short list and finally how we interview. Our process has been proven to generate the most suitable staff and therefore the most successful placements within all industries. 

Last note…

Traditional SaaS recruiters may leave your business in a vulnerable position, whether this be through their inflexibility in guarantees, poor candidate quality or their lack of transparency through the recruitment process. Jarvis Elliott, a talent partner, has a genuine interest in your business as well as the positions you would like to fill. This is because we want to provide your company with a long-term staffing solution. We know we have the best SaaS candidates in the industry, just like we know we are the leaders in SaaS recruitment.  

Put your business first and get in touch today.