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A study by Harvard says the average annual turnover in sales is 25% to 30% – implying that an organization hires and trains its entire sales team every four years. That is a very expensive affair, and time-consuming too. This tends to happen, if you hire somebody keeping only an immediate task/project in mind and once that is done, you are unable to chart out their career path. This could also happen, if the candidate you hire is not passionate about selling your services/solution. How then do you hire the right talent? Here are a few tips that might help:

  1. Read the resume – thoroughly. This is a very important step before calling any candidate for an interview. The resume gives you a glimpse not just of the experience, but of the person as well. Most resumes (when done well), carry a bit of the candidate’s personality and this is important, because it helps you gauge if the candidate is a right fit.

  2. Have a clear picture of what you are looking for. Interviews are no longer a one-sided Q & A session. Candidates have as many questions about the role and the career path, as you do about their experience. So be prepared and have the answers ready.

  3. Post a detailed job description. This helps the candidates understand the role and will save you time and effort of talking to candidates who do not fit the role.  Make sure you list out not just the KRAs, but also chalk out a path that will help the candidate understand the bigger picture.

  4. Observe the candidate while interviewing them. Its ok for them to be a little nervous, but someone too fidgety or someone who is not comprehensive will not fit the role. Salespeople have to be confident and assertive. This is very important while recruiting a salesperson.

We can go on listing these tips, but it’s all easier said than done. Most Sales managers are under tremendous pressure and have little-to-no-time to follow this process. This is where Jarvis Elliott can pitch in. We being a SaaS Sales specialized agency that completely understands the SaaS community, can provide you with right candidates much faster.  Not just that, we also co-ordinate, schedule the interviews, and hand hold you till you roll out the offer. So, if you are a SaaS firm looking to hire Sales Professionals immediately, please get in touch with us.